Who is Judith and Judith Frey Green Business Consulting and what can we do for you?

At Judith Frey Green Business Consulting I work with business owners, employees, and home owners, teaching steps to reduce energy consumption and reduce toxins that surround us where we work and live.  We can all benefit from safe, healthy and sustainable ways of working and living.

What’s in it for you?  Plenty it turns out…

  • Adds value to your company by appealing to a growing market of clients who are demanding more safe and sustainable products and services.  Your company will broaden their marketability, increase their sales and  increase profits.
  • Improve your indoor air quality, creating healthier environments for you and your employees, in turn you’ll increase employee productivity, reduce health care costs, reduce absenteeism and increase employee satisfaction.  
  • Reduce legal risks and costs.  Just as the tobacco industry suffered huge losses due to health related law suits by smokers and non-smokers, law suits relating to environmental issues in companies and their products has made tort law a growing field.  Going green will help businesses keep up with and ahead of regulations and prevent legal issues.
  • By learning about toxic chemicals commonly used in offices, working facilities and homes you will improve health conditions for yourself and your community. 
  • Green your home and improve your family’s environment at the same time.  Plus, become a green leader and influence your suppliers and your neighbors.
  • Save our Natural Resources!  Businesses and residents have the opportunity to change some simple habits that will have a very positive impact on our lives, our economy, our profits, and our Earth.

We serve businesses and homes in all states.

Email Judith@JudithFreyGBC.com or call Judith at 845  389.0958 for a free phone consultation or to set-up an appointment.